Last 2 days in Japan

Got a lot of cool inspiration and a buncha nice shadow boxes underway. Once I get home I'll be posting those up and possibly even to sell. I can imagine how many people can relate to having a million ideas swarming in your head and no energy to flesh every single one out. Well, I'm hoping to at least flesh out table ideas and get my butt back into some artist alley's. Solo style. I've never ran one solo, but I'm really excited. Now to just find the con and prep everything. Yeah.

A land far away

Going on a rather long adventure soon.

My hopes are to get a little more inspiration. New perspectives always changing, always evolving.

I've begun being involved in a lot of comic book coloring work and one of the recent projects I've had the pleasure of being involved with has taken off reasonably well with the efforts of my team, which are a delight to be around and so very, very talented.

My trip will give me some time to to fully flesh out the work I owe them. While I can't or will not post work what isn't completely mine to the site. I hope anyone reading this would not mind venturing to and checking out what we've done or if you're in the Atlanta area or Myrtle Beach area stop in a comic store and see if we're still there.

Happy wandering.


I finally ordered and gathered up all the things I'll need to start some wood working. I'm finding a lot of my old "there's no way I can do that" ideas aren't actually all that difficult.

It's not much but, recently did a few mock up paintings for possible future oil paintings though currently I have a commission and some time sensitive projects to tend to so sadly, they'll have to wait a little. After that though, the excitement continues!


Eventually, it'll piece itself together.


Hello, November!

All that lovely fall air and wind, welcome. 

Not a lot finished up, but have a few things I've been working out finally. Going to finish the watercolor fish "sketchbook" and re-print some more cards, but first revisions in my comic work must be done. All is well, but it's taking forever! Haha. 


In the next coming months I hope to have some more newer  things up. I've got a few ideas and they'll be tons of fun I'm sure. :)

So really just a quick update here. I've been posting more frequently on Instagram lately, if anyone is interested in that, painting related and non-painting related. Also been working out the idea for a quick side cooking project involving watercolor too.



A thorough investigation... the use of clay. 

 In the past month, I've rekindled an old love of mine: cosplay and sculpting. While I enjoy sculpting a lot, I've never truly ventured into the realm of resin casting. My most recent project has flung me right into the midst of it, and I couldn't be happier with learning the process and making my share of mistakes along the way.


I've added a few in progress shots. Feel free to click through. :)